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Eli Green

By Eli Green
April 9, 2005 - 14:39

I got into comics at a relatively young age. I say relatively because it's all relative to the fact that most people who get into comics do so at a young age, at least from what I've seen. But my comic collection is not really something to reckon with. It's my game collection that has a considerably larger status in my home. My game collection, spread between my two brothers and myself, amasses to over 100 Gamecube games, 30 X-Box games and something around 30 games for the PS2 and is still growing with each new game and console I purchase. These numbers, of course, are from the day I'm writing this, so expect this library to expand over time. I got into games around the same time I got into computers, which was around the time I was three or four. Sitting in front of our, now ancient, 386, my older brother and I would play Digger (no not Dig-Dug, Digger) for hours. When I turned eight, I was given an NES Challenge System for my birthday. From then on, I've been a gamer. From PC to N64 to GameCube and now to Wii and Xbox 360, I've played a lot of games.

Currently, I'm an amateur photographer, musician and, thanks to The Comic Book Bin, a writer. I hope to work professionally in one of these fields one day, and it's not that I haven't made a decision, I just enjoy each of them.

I'm thrilled to be writing for The Comic Book Bin, and I look forward to bringing what I hope will be quality articles and reviews for your reading pleasure. If you've got any comments or questions about my articles or reviews, feel free to add them to the bottom of my articles.

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