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Mirror Master Action Figure Review

By Hervé St-Louis
October 5, 2003 - 14:38

DC Direct's Mirror Master is a reminder to collectors of super hero action figures that half the fun of collecting, is to have nemesis to pit against one's favourite heroes. The Mirror Master is one of the better-known rogues of both the Silver Age and the modern Flash. Fortunately, for the Flash, this Mirror Master figure is but a toy, otherwise, the sparks would reverberate all over collectors' houses!


The two men who have been Mirror Master both wore the uniform depicted by the figure. Mirror Master's looks were inspired strongly from the Silver Age Flash's looks. He wears a hood with large eye openings, straps over his head and a pad in the back of the mask. The only complain about the looks would be the off orange and dark green used. His gun holsters point back in some versions of the character.


Mirror Master has always reminded me of the Trip Wire G.I.Joe action figure. His head has a similar sculpt and moves the same way. Whereas the Trip Wire figure was a $3 action figure produced in the early 1980s, Mirror Master is a deluxe toy that cost at least five times more. He's stiff and as muscle-bound as a Bart Sears figure, though in comics, he's a lean guy. The worst are the sculpted in nostrils.


The paint job, as mentioned above is off. The colours are wrong. Any character wearing orange and green should jump at you and look bright. Mirror Master looks bland. The orange paint doesn't mesh well with the figure. It's too obvious. The base colour of the plastic should have been orange and the painted areas green instead. This figure deserves a custom job with a better paint scheme.


Mirror Master will fit perfectly with Captain Cold. However, Both figures seem too large for the Silver Age Flash. Mirror Master's head is larger. His scale almost makes him a great villain for the Ultimate Captain America action figure. Fortunately, Mirror Master fits with other villains like the Shade and Vandal Savage, Solomon Grundy, Eclipso. The only DC Direct hero he fits with is Power Girl. This is bad.


Mirror master has severe stability problems. He is heavier than other DC Direct action figures. His knees and hips' articulations are loose and cannot support his top heavy chest. His slightly bent right knee worsen his stability. Fortunately, there is a peg hole in his right foot, although no stand comes with the figure.


At eleven points of articulations at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees, Mirror Master seems lucky compared with other DC Direct action figures. Nonetheless, the articulations are either stiff or too loose. Like mentioned previously, the head articulation is very reminiscent of Trip Wire's. The simple straightforward shoulder articulations, however, are a downgrade, compared with Trip Wire's.


Mirror Master contains harder plastics than other DC Direct action figures. This is why joints are either too stiff or too loose. With this figure. It also adds unnecessary weight to the figure.


Mirror Master has one of his mirror guns that can fit in his right hand. It does not fit in the holsters that hold sculpted in guns. This is an appropriate prop for the figure, although a couple of mirrors fitting on small stands would have made a great diorama. Sounds like I have a big customizing job coming up ahead of me.


Mirror Master came in a blister pack with the cheap gradient diamond design used by DC Direct.


Mirror Master is supposed to retail for the usual DC Direct inflated price but this figure is so despised by DC Direct collectors that you can get it for much less than usual. Check your local store's cheap bin! I have seen quite good specials on this figure.


This is action figure is a dust catching peg warmer at its worst. Even I got him with a batch of other peg warming DC Direct action figures two years ago. DC Direct has transformed a figure that should have sported a cool retro and classical design into a duck. Unless it is heavily customized, this figure belongs in the back of your collection or as a designated custom fodder for the creative type.



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