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Hit Vampire Huntress series continues with Dynamite Entertainment!

By The Editor
May 17, 2010 - 13:05

The Vampire Huntress Legends: The Hidden Darkness is an original story that takes place after the epilogue in the 12th and final book in the Vampire Huntress series of novels and should not be missed by her fans or anyone who enjoys great paranormal fantasy!  In Book 1: Ashes to Ashes,  the Neterus and worldwide Guardian teams have defeated Satan's top demon, The Thirteenth, and have driven back the forces of evil in the first battle of the Armageddon.  But the dark side is only in temporary retreat.  The warriors of the Light may have won that battle, but it remains to be seen whether or not they've won the war.  Beneath the earth in the caverns of Hell, the Dark Lord is plotting his next strike with a vengeance.  With the human population still reeling from global wars, famine, floods, and every conceivable natural disaster and plague, something slithers into the Guardian camps--felling the members of the Guardian teams-and humanity's only chance of survival.

The Vampire Huntress Legend Series is a twelve book series written by L.A. Banks. The series centers around a young twenty-something woman named Damali Richards who is a spoken word artist but is also The Neteru, a human who is born every thousand years to fight the Dark Realms. Her most dangerous and most constant enemy from The Dark Realms are vampires.  The series is based on the never ending struggle between good and evil. The Vampire Huntress Legend Series is also about the strong bonds of love. Love that exists in the form of family love, friendship love, love of self, love for the world (environment) and the love between man and woman.  The cover art for this series was done by Vince Natale, while inside illustrations are the work of Eric Battle.  Find more information at

"The 12 book Vampire Huntress Legends series, and the graphic novels/comics that have subsequently evolved from that, were developed to create a fantastic, multi-cultural/multi-religions world where the castaways of society could been seen as valid, valuable contributors.  The message in the work is very simply: "Don't we have enough REAL problems like global warming, wars, famine, corporate corruption, et al, without fighting against each other as human beings about things like ethnicity or religious beliefs--things that happened to most of us by accident of birth?"  In this series, the evil-doers (demons, vamps, and hell fiends) are the ones that attempt to divide and conquer humanity through its weaknesses and individual egos.  The evil preys on human flesh, spirits, and emotions through insidious means--and yet, through it all, the good guys (us) rise to still prevail--which is a testament to the indomitable human spirit!"

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