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Earth 2 Superman – Crisis On Infinite Earths

By Yik-Hai Chan
July 6, 2006 - 09:48

Earth 2 Superman – Crisis On Infinite Earths: Wave 2
DC Direct
Sculptor – John G. Matthews

Back in 1961, Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash, discovered that there existed parallel worlds among the Earth that he lived in with the Justice League.  The alternate world that was first shown was Earth-2, a place that showcased the much loved Golden Age characters.  For twenty years, the Justice League of Earth-1 teamed with the Justice Society of Earth-2 in annual crossovers until a Crisis that threatened the destruction of DC’s Multiverse.  One of the main protagonists against the growing threat was the much older Man of Tomorrow, the Superman of Earth-2.


Although packaged in the blister card approach, the packaging for Earth 2 Superman and all of the other COIE figures is actually very different and quite attractive.  The blister is rounded, almost as if it is showcasing the figure while the graphics on the back of the card are appropriate, showing two Earths colliding.  The logo base is packaged at the top and doubles as the logo for the packaging itself.  The original solicitation image of the figures of the second wave is shown on the back as well as a brief summary of the characters as usual.



Although some would argue that the Supermen of the two Earths are very similar, the subtle differences that distinguish them are definitely included.  These available differences comprise of the Kal-L figure sporting the grey streaks of hair on the sides of his head, the “S” shield logo being the one seen of Earth-2, the cape being much shorter and the detail around the cuffs being present.  True DC fans would definitely notice the difference even if the “Earth-2” were absent from any labelling.


The Earth 2 Superman figure is not specifically based on the art of George Pérez but it is a good sculpt for a generic version of the character.  The sculpt of the face is quite long and thin which is appreciated considering the character’s more mature age.  Another thing to note is the detail on the costume where I particularly like the sculpted cuffs and the seams running down the sides, through I have never seen drawn in the comics. One problem that I do have is the size of the musculature.  When comparing with Modern Age Superman, it gives the impression that Earth 2 Superman is not as well built, in respect to body size.  This is not the case as seen in Infinite Crisis where they are portrayed as equals.


The Crisis On Infinite Earth figures were recalled and delayed to apply better quality practice and control where the main area that failed was paint work.  Although not awful, the paint job on the figure is still has its problems.  The belt is the worst area on the figure where there is yellow paint bleeding with the surrounding blue and red.  There is also a little bleed on the sculpted “S” shield on the back of the cape.  Be weary of the painted eyes as well, since it seems that one is painted slightly off center.  The “S” shield on the front is printed well and is centered although I would have liked it to have been a little bigger.



Some good news finally arrives in the ever changing DC Direct scale.  When placed next to Modern Age Superman, they are approximately the same height at just over 6.5 inches.  I do not own any Silver or Golden Age figures so I can’t compare with them but if you want to check the scale before you buy, you can simply use the Modern Age Superman for comparison in height (but not in size).


Earth 2 Superman is fairly stable on its own without the support of the included logo base which is surprising, considering the sculpted feet, pointing more outward than any of the previously released Superman figures.  If you are having any doubts, it is probably safer to use the base.



This figure has been given 9 points of articulation which is no surprise as it is very much the DC Direct standard.  The ball jointed points include the neck and shoulders which all have good ranges of motion.  The cut joints in the wrist are definitely appreciated as it adds to the range of poses available.  The pivoted knees and the cut hips are not particularly useful other then for balancing while the pivoted elbows are fairly standard.


Other then the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” logo base, there is not anything else packaged with the figure.  I do like the base as it goes not use up more space then it needs and it is very different to the usual as it uses clear plastic as opposed to the standard black.


£9.99 is a decent price for most DC Direct figures and I am fairly pleased with the price I paid against the figure I received.  However there are still some minor quality issues.  Other than the small paint problems, there are also some minute scratches on the torso which are visible up close.  I have heard other people with similar problems so it is something to look out for.


Crisis on Infinite Earths is a much loved series so I would expect that the figure line would get the same treatment, especially with characters we may only see done once in plastic form.  Earth 2 Superman is no exception and I am sure it will be very soon that it won’t be on the shelves for long, especially with his popularity increase since Infinite Crisis.  If you see one, grab it now before you regret it.


In conclusion, it is by no means a bad figure but it does not raise the impress enough to be a great figure.  Although I do value the work done of the head sculpt and the costume, I feel it would have been better if the musculature were sculpted slightly bigger.  The articulation is good but could have benefited from bicep cut joints while the paint is still carelessly done in some areas.  Definitely an above average figure and one I have been patiently waiting for, it will make a great center piece for the upcoming Infinite Crisis figures.








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