Interview with Brad Meltzer

By Hervé St.Louis
June 20, 2004 - 14:09

Because of Brad's schedule, the following interview was done in about five minutes. The questions weren't prepared beforehand so the transcript is not an exact word for word recording. However, I believe it represent the geist of Meltzer's message. I'd like to thank Brad Meltzer for taking the time to do this interview. Enjoy.

How did you choose the particular lineup of heroes in Identity Crisis?

Part of it is the writer side of me, part of it is the fanboy. I must balance everything that the fanboy part wants with the logic of the story. For example, I couldn't use the Legion of Super Heroes nor could I fit the Challengers of the Unknown, even if I wanted. This line up is also my favourite incarrnation of the Justice League while using it within the realm of the story.

How is the team dynamic of the characters you picked? For example, is Hawkman the father figure? Is there a mother figure? Is any of them the bastard's child?

We'll see very quickly in Identity Crisis #3 how the team dynamic works. The JLA is like a family. The JSA are like their teachers but also a family. The JLA has its own variation of the family concept.

How about Hawkman? How easy was it to write him within the story considering he's not exactly the same one who was in the old Justice League?

There was no problems with Hawkman. Geoff Johns cleaned up his history very well. We'll see more about him in the story.

Similarly, how about Black Canary's continuity? She was made a founder of the League retro-actively instead of Wonder Woman.

There was no problems using Black Canary except for one scene in flashbacks where she replaced Wonder Woman. But there are no problems in the story.

Recently, there has been several stories at DC featuring upgrades for villains. Is this another one?

I never saw Identity Crisis as an upgrade for villains. Many of those I like didn't have any established personalities. They deserve to have a personality and more highlights.

Do you feel that characters within the DC Universe perceive that there is a Big Three versus other characters?

There's line in issue # 1 about the Big Three and we'll see more of that in the third isssue of Identity Crisis. There's a definite difference with the Big Three and others. We'll see, more of that later.

Are Aquaman and MM part of a greater Big Five and is it related to why they weren't in on the secret?

I don't believe they are part of a Big Five at DC. Everyone has their own Big Five which may include them or not.

How has been the response to the first issue?

The response has been incredible.

Do you believe this series will be another Watchmen?

A lot of people asked me that. I can't answer that question. It's for readers to decide.

Have you read the Elongated Man series from the 1990s.

I recalled most of his history from past exposure and memory. I did some research, in particular about his first meeting with Sue Dibny. But overall I was very familiar with it.

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