What Does It Mean to Be the Voice of a Website?

By Hervé St-Louis
March 12, 2011 - 22:20

I read about the departure of the editor in chief of one of my favourite Website today and that has made me think about the situation at The Bin - no, I'm not quitting anytime soon!

See, editor in chief and popular columnists are the voices, the heart and soul of popular sites. They set the tone. If you've been following the Bin for years, you saw us come out of our shelf and take many stances and write about issues affecting comics that no one dared. If you just started following the Bin a few months ago, you'll probably wonder about what I'm writing about? Where are the controversies, the debates and the passionate articles that I'm alluding to? None of that here.

I've been asking myself, if people would perceive the Bin as having lost its touch, its voice. Since 2010, I have been quite busy working on other aspects of The Comic Book Bin to the extent that i don't have time to write passionate articles going against accepted thought and views in the comic book world.

Instead, you'll notice other types of changes at The Bin, like our apps, our mobile site, and more, I promise. Where some people in the comic book industry used to loath us, and me, for our freedom of thought and our ability to say what we wanted unfiltered, if you've discovered this site today, you'll think we're pretty mild.

We're not. This site and all there is to it exists because there's a passionate flame that burns in the heart of its writers and me, it's publisher/editor in chief, whatever you want to call me. I don't care.

I like to think that we're just resting as we move in our next stage of development. Man, the Bin is working on stuff, I tell ya.

But I've made a decision. I've decided to officialize what older readers who know us might have noticed. I'm taking a back seat from being the editorial voice at The Bin in order to focus on other aspects of the site, while allowing newer and fresher voices to come to the fore front and be The Bin. I will keep on writing my articles, about whatever i feel like, but will not direct the editorial part of the Bin anymore. I'm still the publisher, but I don't have to be the editor in chief anymore. We have a very capable and experienced team at The Bin that can make decisions about contents without my input. They know comics and I trust them.

If you pay attention to our writers, you'll know they have more freedom than any on any other comic book-related news outlet. That will always continue. The future is now, and it's fun. And no, I'm not about to quit.


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