When Wii Balance Boards Attack

By Eli Green
May 28, 2008 - 16:30

Obviously the title of this article is meant to grab attention more than it is meant to make readers aware that there are Wii Balance Boards on the loose and rampaging through the streets, though that would make things more interesting. No, what this article is actually about are the hidden “dangers”, and I am using that term loosely in this situation, of the Balance Board.

With the plethora of warnings on how not to use your Balance Board, as well as the exact pieces of advice and images detailing its proper use – no more than one person on the Board at a time, leave enough space around you, always keep the Board on a flat surface, etc. – and how not to break it or yourself, you would think that Nintendo would have been forward thinking enough to include instructions on something like how to clean your Balance Board. The company even made sure to include warnings about using a Balance Board while under the influence of alcohol or other destabilizing substances – a genius move, because we all that know some fool would have tried to do that and then sue.

If you own Wii Fit, you likely already know that the instruction booklet which accompanies your Balance Board suggests that you play barefoot when using it. This, of course, is meant to help you maintain your balance, as socks or shoes may impede your ability to keep proper footing. The only problem with using a Balance Board barefoot is that you may get it dirty. Whether your feet sweat a lot, you walk around barefoot all the time, collecting who knows what kind of dirt or your feet just happen to have a bit of sock lint on them (though that's usually quite easy to remove), there are more than enough ways for you to turn a Balance Board from its pristine white to a dingy brown, yellow or any other number of dirt colours. Of course, if it is turning some strange colour, I might start being a little more worried about what is on, or coming off of your feet.

Balance Board cleanliness may not be much of a concern for some people, but the reality is that, just like any other piece of exercise equipment, the Balance Board can carry hold onto germs or fungi, like Athlete's Foot. That is why it's important for you to keep your Balance Board clean or, at the very least, disinfected. If you were looking to clean your Balance Board the way that Nintendo suggests though – thus saving you from blame should anything happen to it afterward – you're currently out of luck because, unfortunately, there is no documentation in the instruction booklet or the on the Nintendo Support site on proper Balance Board cleaning procedure. Not yet at least.

So we did the obvious thing and called Nintendo ourselves. Speaking with Nintendo of Canada's Matt Ryan, he told us that Nintendo is certainly concerned about the health and safety of its players. “If the Wii Balance Board gets dirty or sweat builds up, use a sanitary wipe,” he said. “A disinfectant wipe is suitable for cleaning the board”. Ryan also made sure to point out that, however you decide to clean your Balance Board, it is important that you don't use any liquid based cleansers or detergents to do so, as noted in the instruction booklet. Exposing a Balance Board to liquids could damage it.

Keep in mind that the Balance Board is a much more sophisticated piece of equipment that it appears. There are a lot of chips and sensors inside it that can get damaged if exposed to liquids. So if you're looking to keep your Balance Board pristine and germ free, use the disinfectant wipes. If you're just looking to clear off some sweat immediately after using your Balance Board, you can also use a dry cloth. Just make sure you still give it a thorough cleaning every so often, if you're not going to do it every time.

Here's to your health.

Last Updated: August 31, 2023 - 08:12

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