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Marvel NOW! and Uncanny Avengers: Relaunch or Reboot?

By Andy Frisk
July 3, 2012 - 12:14

The New 52 reboot did some great things for some of DC Comics' most storied heroes (Batman) and did some awful things to some of their most beloved heroes (Superman). Now, Marvel Comics, while not rebooting their line, is "relaunching" their line post Avengers Vs. X-Men, which will apparently include the return of Jean Grey AKA Marvel Girl to the living (once again). Honestly though, this really shouldn't be that much of a surprise. I mean who else could resolve the current mess The Phoenix Force is making of the Marvel U?

While we've been assured that "It is not a reboot or a retcon. It is the Marvel Universe that you grew up in" this whole relaunch definitely has the look and feel, at least artistically, of a "New 52" type event.


So does this teaser, which may or may not be the team roster for Uncanny Avengers look familiar? To be point blank honest, it brings to mind the first image of The New 52's Justice League that was teased last year before DC Comics' reboot. Yeah, that image generated a large amount of internet and fan discussion, which of course was good for DC Comics, but for Marvel Comics to basically do the same thing while looking for the same results is...well, kinda sad. Marvel Comics' is the innovator and DC Comics (with a few exceptions here in the modern age of comics) is usually the follower (again with a few exceptions like the original COIE).

So True Believers (to quote Stan the Man), what do you think about the new costumes, resurrections, and that stupid X visor on Cyclops' face? Will ReEvolution or Marvel NOW be the perfect jumping on or jumping off point? Also, just how bad does it sting (to the real True Believers out there) that Marvel Comics' is mimicking DC Comics? We all know that these companies are both corporate "persons" who are interested in shareholder profit first and foremost, and often "monkey see monkey do" is the way of the business world, but will the stories that spin out of this "relaunch" be a mixed bag (at best) as The New 52 stories are or something that might solidify this as the New Mighty Marvel Era?

I want to know...discuss below!

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