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Ultimate Spider-Man #111

By Zak Edwards
July 22, 2007 - 17:49

Ultimate Spider-man #111

Finally, after roughly ten issues, Peter Parker and Aunt May have the ‘talk.’  No, not the “when a man loves a woman’ talk, Peter got that way back in issue number thirteen, but the “Holy crap!  My nephew is a super-person” talk.  Back-to-back, Bendis has delivered two issues that I feel will be remembered as some of the best in the whole series, and Ultimate Spider-man continues to set the standard for both Spider-man and Ultimate titles.  Almost all of the better issues in this series have been the issue-long discussions between characters, and #111 continues in this tradition.  This is also Mark Bagley’s last issue, with #110 being his last full issue, and the handing over of the reins to Stuart Immonen is as seamless as possible.  If Ultimate Spider-man continues to stay at this level, it could be the best super-hero comic going.

Bendis’ ability to create a one-act issue consisting of one conversation and still make the whole thing feel important worth while is second to none.  Many comics suffer from decompression, the expansion of art over writing; which, if used incorrectly, can make individual issues move at a snail’s pace and leave the audience feeling ripped off.  Yet this issue, as the one-act, one discussion story, feels very full and balanced.  The characterization of both Peter and May is still incredible.  The closeness these characters share, as well as the respect they have for each other is very evident, making their relationship feel very real, maybe even more so than some of the superficial relationships in the this world.  You can feel the grief and love they still carry for Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy, as well as the mother-son bond they share.  The strength of this comic has always been Peter Parker over Spider-man, and this issue proves that; even with the incredible last, Spider-man heavy, story arc.  Reading this issue makes me miss Mary-Jane and the rest of the supporting cast.  Hopefully the rest of the characters will be back soon.  Bendis continues to bring the series out of the mediocrity it suffered for that little while before issue #100, and I can’t wait for #112.

Mark Bagley has now officially left Ultimate Spider-man after one-hundred ten and a half issues of consistently professional and near-perfect artwork.  The art in this issue was split between Bagley drawing the Peter-May conversation and Immonen handling a flashback scene involving Ultimate Spot.  As we all knew this was happening for about a year now, seeing the new art was in no way jarring or even distracting.  It was simultaneously a send-off for Bagley and a preview of what Immonen will bring to the table.  As daunting as this task must have been, Immonen’s pencils art great.  His style is a perfect distance away from Bagley’s, being not too different to be confusing, and yet different enough to not feel like a carbon copy.  I think I will enjoy this new artist, and yet miss Bagley.  It will probably take a few issues to stop saying, “Bagley probably would have done it this way.”  Still, I would like to welcome Stuart Immonen to this series and wish him the very best, as well as say good-bye to Mark Bagley and wish him the best of luck in whatever he does next.  Actually, I think he’s drawing some Mighty Avengers next, so watch out for that.

10/10    Keep this up, Bendis, and we’ll have a modern classic on our hands.

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