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Nova #25

By Nathan Madison
May 31, 2009 - 22:55

     In this twenty-fifth issue of Nova, several plot lines are drawn to a close, while even larger ones are just now beginning to unravel. With the aid of the Quantum Bands (supplied by the recently-deceased Wendell Vaughn, a.k.a Quaser) Richard Rider, currently robbed of his Nova powers by a rogue Worldmind, has infiltrated the newly-reformed Nova Corps headquarters, inside Ego, the Living Planet. Upon entering Richard is attacked by Ego, who

has apparently taken advantage of the Worldmind's weakened state and corrupted its programming, taking all of the Nova Force's power for itself, as well as all the knowledge of the Xandarian race that the Worldmind was entrusted with. After reaching through to the subjugated Worldmind, Richard is able to relinquish the Quantum Bands back to Quaser, as he reclaims the Nova Force and separates the Worldmind from the influence of Ego.
     Meanwhile, after being captured by the Shi'ar forces of Emperor Vulcan, the lone survivor of a Nova contingent, sent be the corrupted Worldmind, is offered a rescue by none-other than Gaarthan Saal, the mythic warrior who was driven insane after being the only other Nova Centurion (aside from Richard Rider) to be given the entirety of the Nova Force.

     Twenty-five issues into its run, and Nova has not slowed down in the least. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have made the cosmic sector of the Marvel Universe all their own, with the Annihilation titles, the current War of Kings event, and monthly series, such as Nova. Throughout this title's run, Abnett and Lanning have attempted, and succeeded, in bringing the title character into some of the most important recent events of the Marvel Universe, while providing said character with his own unique voice and personality. Kevin Sharpe's pencils are only enhanced further by the final touches of inkers Jeffery Huet and Nelson Pereira. Nova has always been a series of superb quality, in every possible way, and this issue does nothing to sully that record.

Rating: 9 /10

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