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New Avengers #4 Review

By Alexander Jones
March 21, 2013 - 02:12

SPOILERS for New Avengers 1-3

New Avengers
continues its incredible streak as the most interesting title currently published at Marvel. The Marvel universe is changing right before our very eyes in this title. If you are not convinced, the plot will change your mind. The Infinity Gems were shattered last issue. In this same issue, the number one villain in the Marvel Universe reared his ugly head as well. Thanos came out of the shadows, but only for a panel. Then on the opposite side of the spectrum, Captain America was completely mind wiped by Doctor Strange. That was a dense amount of plot to enjoy in just one issue. This issue does not contain the same earth shattering moments, but the stakes are still high. This is one series where I can honestly say every month readers have no idea what is going to happen.


While New Avengers is a great companion to Avengers, it is a better comic book as a whole. Avengers is building towards a giant Jonathan Hickman moment, while New Avengers is great every single issue. In an interview, the writer stated that one is the character book and the other is the big plot book. New Avengers is the character book, with crazy bits of plot also happening.
The New Avengers are battling the Swan’s threat of the incursion. They have moved to a completely different planet in search of a new set of Infinity Gems. This plan, like all so far, has almost completely backfired on the team. An interesting character bit is how none of them even seemed to care at all about the departure of Captain America from the team last issue. Everyone must still think it was the right call in the long run. This shows how our heroes have an incredible sense of conviction to the cause. This was really capitalized in a scene when Doctor Strange is talking to his servant Wong. Strange thinks he might have to kill himself and forty others in order to save the planet. Later in the issue, Namor has a sixth sense that one of them will not make it back to the other planet alive. This is a very bleak premonition for a grim comic book.

Steve Epting, Frank D’ Armata, and Rick Magyar once again convey the bleak world of New Avengers in an interesting way. The art sells many of the very dark and dramatic scenes of the issue. The black backgrounds are very eerie, and the characters demand your attention when they speak behind them. The Black Panther’s eyes always contain a creepy, unsettling blue that Armata makes interesting. At times faces can look somewhat strange coming from Epting. All around the art team continues their consistently stellar job on the title.

Rating: 9 /10

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