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Irresistible #1 Review

By J. Skyler
September 2, 2012 - 02:55

Full disclosure: I'm a feminist. I believe women need equal representation in all areas of life: under law, in the work-force, in societal culture and customs, and of course, in fiction. A major concern in feminist theory regarding sexuality is objectification—the tendency to dehumanize women by evaluating them exclusively by their sexual attractiveness (or lack there of). What stands out in Raven Gregory’s Irresistible #1 is that every character in this story, from the protagonist, to his companions, to the numerous strippers in the club attempting to empty their wallets, has layers.

What will catch your attention in the first few minutes of reading is Gregory’s sense of humor. If his quips don’t make you laugh out loud (or at the very least chuckle), chances are you simply don’t have a sense of humor of your own. The story open with the protagonist, Allen, being dragged to a strip club by a pair of his friends in order to take his mind off a recent break-up, one which has him wallowing in despair. Through Allen’s inner dialog, we see that not only does every woman working at the club have a name, she also has a story. In spite of “living up the fantasy”, Allen relays the message that there isn’t just one “type” of sex worker, but rather they come from all walks of life—mothers, students, well-adjusted women, battered women, even comic book enthusiasts. Allen doesn’t deny his sexuality or theirs, but he never lets himself forget that these women lead their own lives and have their own set of baggage, dreams and concerns; he is only a minor character in their life story.

What’s most endearing about Allen is that while he admits to being “red-blooded, porn-raised American male”, he also realizes there is more to life than looking for your next orgasm. Love, compatibility and companionship are what he truly desires, but that doesn’t mean he’ll decline a little no-strings anonymous encounter either. Overall, Irresistible is smart, sexy and more than lives up to its title.

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Rating: 8 /10

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