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Identity Crisis Hawkman

By Big Bear
March 1, 2007 - 23:20

Hawkman: aka Carter Hol or Katar Hol.  this popular DC Comics character was first introduced in Flash Comics #1 in 1940.  Depending on which origin that you like, Hawkman is either from Earth or from the planet Thanagar.  He can also be Egyptian or Alien.  The one thing that I do agree on is that he is one super cool figure.


Many comic book characters that are produced by DC Direct figures are normally artist renditions rather than character specific, and Hawkman is no exception.  This version of Hawkman is based on the cover artowrk for the Identity Crisis series done by Michael Turner.


The plastic used on Hawkman is firm but bendale.  I say that mainly because of the soft parts used for his mask (check the wings over hsi earpiece), and his wings themselves.  The wings will not easily break, but can be bend a little.  This is so that the weight of the wings will not bog down the weight of the figures body.  The mace is also a softer rubber so that the handle can bend before breaking.


Hawkman comes in a bubble card that has a shattered glass embossed cover.   The card also contains the artwork of one of the covers of the Identity Crisis mini-series that depicts the heroes in grief.  On the back of the card is a brief summary of each caharcters role in the stroyline.


While the JLA Classified was known for the figures havng short arms, the Identity Crisis figures all seem to have extra long arms.  Hawkman's arms seem to be as long as an apes when they are held down on his side.  However that won't bother you too much when the figure is taken out of the package.   The mask is detailed as it is furry instead of a solid metallic mask.   Although his eyebrows are painted on instead of sculpted, it does not take anything away from his face.  The colors add highlights to his serious features.  This is no smiling flying man.  Here, Hawkman is dead pan in his expression.

The body given to Hawkman looks like a world class athlete, so his muculature is perfect.  Very broad shoulders and solid legs only enhance the look of this action figure.  For a hero that flies around half-naked while fighting crime, Hawkman looks very good.


Hawkman is a sturdy figure.  I had very little trouble posing him.  His base helps him to stand well in poses.  His wings are not so heavy that they drag him down.  This is always a plus when you buy a winged figure..


Hawkman is a very tall figure.  Standing about 7' inches in height, he easily towers over most of my other figures.  His feathered mask gives him a "Thor effect", in that his mask's wings give him extra height..  His height gives him an imposing look, especially when standing next to other Marvel Legends and DC Direct figures. He looks perfect standing next to other figures form his specific toy line.


Hawkman comes with 15 points of articulation.  I say 15 because I am including the movement of his wings.  Hawkman has ball joints on the shoulder for up & down, and 360 degree arm movement.  Shoulder bending joints.  Neck articulation which is ball jointed.  He also has a "T"- crotch so that in that area so that he can lift his legs.  There are knee bending joints, and rotating calves all help to enhance this awesome figure.  As far as articulation goes, I was happy to find that Hawkman was given cut movements for the wrists which give extra rotation of his hands.  He looks good holding his mace while rotating the wrist.

His wings work well.  They have balls at the hinges to fit into holes on Hawkman's back and that gives him a variety of movement so that one can imagine old Carter Hall flapping his wings around the city.  The ball jount socket allows him to flap his wings, twist them around, and to move back and forth.


The Hawkman figure comes with a few accessories of his own.  First off there is the stand that is included with each figure.  It basically is a base that has peg to fit into the feet or the character to hold them up and it is laced with the Identity Crisis logo.  Hawkman also comes with his attachable wings and his Mace made from Nth Metal.


The paint on my figure is good in my opinion.  I especially loved how they did a solid job on his eyebrow paints.  I have no bleeds on Hawkman.  The color work on the mask is solid and will not disappoint.  It is hard to mess up the paint on a guy whose costume is only a mask and wings.  Thankfully DC Direct seems to really do well in the paint application department.


Normally the cost for these DC Direct figures range from $15.00 to $17.00 each.  I purchased mine for a discounted price of $11.00.  However, the shipping fees can be a killer when you buy online.


Although I purchased mine through Amazon, your best bet is to try to find one at a comics specialty shop.  If you do not have one near you, then you can order him online.

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