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Angel: After the Fall #15

By Zach Bowen
December 28, 2008 - 11:01

Let me take you back to October 10, 2008. Brian Lynch announced that he had finished writing “Angel: After the Fall” #15, and attached to this post was a picture of a graveyard. Rumors and speculations instantly hit the internet. Lynch responded two days later on his blog with a picture of the Grim Reaper and saying “Hey, sometimes I just like to put up pictures. That image is not necessarily related to upcoming events in ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL.” Well, now the highly anticipated issue is out and the truth has been revealed. Whedon fans around the world, prepare your tissue boxes.

“After the Fall” has been a series full of cliffhangers and shocking moments. There is no question that the events that take place in this issue are the most stunning since Angel revealed he was no longer a vampire in issue #3. The current issue of “After the Fall” does not flow like a typical comic. This is really the first issue where the story flows like an entire episode of television.


The story begins with Angel and Co. facing off against Illyria, who transformed into its true form at the end of the previous issue. The odds seem insurmountable (and for some characters they are) as Angel has to figure out how to fight a Demon God. While the content of this issue is grandiose, Lynch writes in beautiful moments that make the story remain character-driven instead of plot driven. My only real complaint about this issue is that Angel had been injured at the end of the last issue and should not have been able to use his arm; instead, he is somehow able to fight demons with ease. Without spoiling anything too much, I can say that fans will definitely feel a huge loss at the end of this issue, probably more than they were expecting. I would personally like to make a plea to Mr. Whedon to stop impaling characters that I have grown to love.

Spike was one of the highlights of this issue when he essentially breaks the fourth wall. For those who may not know, Lynch previously wrote two Spike miniseries for IDW (Now available in Trade Paperback). Since characters cross over from the “Spike” series, most consider them to be official canon. When it is revealed that Spike and the telepathic fish, Betta George, have met before, Spike comments that just because the other characters were not there does not necessarily mean it did not happen. This is a wonderful nudge to the never ending arguments among fans regarding whether something should be considered canon or not.

This issue marks the return of the original “After the Fall” artist Franco Urru. When the series began I was disappointed with the art. The characters felt more like interpretations rather than depictions of the original actors. However, as time went on, Urru has become outstanding at drawing these characters. Every emotional moment that Lynch wanted to hit was only accentuated by Urru’s art, whether it was an epic or heartbreaking moment.

The final thing that needs to be discussed is, of course, the death. The character is given a very Whedonesque death, except that this time the character is allowed to have his dying words. While I have personally been a fan of this character since his debut, it seems that many have only recently accepted him. He will be greatly missed, and the final panel of this issue is arguably the most fantastic of the series. As I am being forced to bid farewell to this character, I have to say that I am more than excited to read the penultimate issue of “After the Fall.” I would rate this issue as the best and most painful of the series so far as fans have to once more say goodbye to one of the family.

Rating: 9 /10

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