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Moonstone Books Offers Kolchak Collection
By Leroy Douresseaux
October 23, 2007 - 22:32


Kolchak the Night Stalker: Sound of Fear TPB

Story: Joe Gentile, Mark Dawidziak
Art: Trevor Von Eeden, Walter Figueroa
Colors: Ken Wolak
Cover: Eddy Newell

104pgs, color, squarebound, $13.99
ISBN: 1-933076-37-2; 978-1-933076-37-9

Before the "The X-Files," there was Carl Kolchak, TV’s first paranormal investigator (played with style and pinache by Darren McGavin), star of the beloved cult TV horror series, "Kochak: The Night Stalker."  Moonstone Books has been publishing Kolchak comic books and graphic novels for the past several years.  Kolchak the Night Stalker: Sound of Fear collects the sold out stories: “Eve of Terror” and “Lambs to the Slaughter.”

“Eve of Terror” is an adapted/added-to script that was left over from the TV show, but never filmed!  Government conspiracies, unexplained deaths, secret scientific experiments, and a modern day miracle, all wrapped up in one “racing against the clock” tale!

“In “Lambs to the Slaughter”, Kolchak has to find a series of missing teenagers in the cesspool of downtown Hollywood.  What does a wealthy industrialist and his genetic manipulation dreams of having a son have to do with it?  And is there a mythical monster lying in wait for these kids, as well as for Kolchak?  Against all spine-tingling odds, it’s up to Kolchak to find out, and survive long enough to let the truth be known!

Kolchak the Night Stalker: Sound of Fear should appeal to fans of such TV series as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Supernatural" (TV), and fans of DC Comics/Vertigo’s long-running comic book series, John Constantine: Hellblazer and its film adaptation, Constantine.

Mark My Words: Mark Twain on Writing: ISBN-10: 0312143656
The Columbo Phile: ISBN-10: 0892969849
The Night Stalker Companion: ISBN-10: 0938817442
The Phantom: Law of the Jungle: ISBN-10: 1933076127
Kolchak The Night Stalker Casebook: ISBN-10: 1933076178
Buckaroo Banzai: Return of the Screw: ISBN-10: 1933076267

Batman: Venom: ISBN-10: 1563891018
Essential Luke Cage Vol.2: ISBN-10: 0785121471
Werewolf the Apocalypse: ISBN-10: 0972166874


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