DC Comics
All-Star Superman # 4
By Koppy McFad
July 1, 2006 - 02:44

DC Comics
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Penciller(s): Frank Quitley
Inker(s): Frank Quitley
Cover Artist(s): Frank Quitley

An unapologetic throw-back to the Silver-Age with Jimmy Olsen dressing in drag, bringing back a new form of Kryptonite and finally, turning into another weird creature in order to battle Superman. Morrison combines the old with the new and makes the bizarre stories and events in the Silver Age seem plausible, even to modern eyes. The art is largely okay but does look a bit disorganized in some sequences like the scenes of a monsterous Superman firing his heat vision at Jimmy. It is also disturbing that this scientific genius-buddy of Superman is practically breeding people to work in his laboratories and nobody seems to be the slightest bit concerned about the ethical issues involved.

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