Patrick Oliver
By Patrick Oliver
April 10, 2005 - 15:21

An amateur writer, former comic book collector and ex-film buff, Patrick lives in the U.K.

Currently trying to write a book of short stories and two novellas, he is glad to have the opportunity to contribute to the Comic Book Bin and to write features on subjects he likes in what he hopes is an entertaining way.

Having taken a 'break' from the comic book medium for a number of years, Patrick got back into it when he  accompanied a friend on a back-issue finding 'mission' in the mid-1990's. He has been reading comic books again (sporadically) ever since.  

His tastes in comic books range from Conan to the Silver Surfer to Madman. He likes most screw ball comedies, film noire, horror flicks, Sci-Fi, indie films and world cinema.

He lists football, tennis, badminton and volleyball among his favourite sports.

His musical tastes? Well...that's another story for another time!