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Archie Comics' Kevin Keller #1
By Troy-Jeffrey Allen
February 9, 2012 - 20:34

Archie Comics
Writer(s): Dan Parent
Penciller(s): Dan Parent
Inker(s): Rich Koslowski
Colourist(s): Digikore Studios
Letterer(s): Jack Morelli
$2.99 US


Kevin Keller #1
Archie Comics
I’m one of those filthy city-dwelling liberals you hear about. I don’t drive, I declare everything racist, and I believe in spreading the wealth. When I look out onto the city streets I see interracial teenage couples and adolescents already aware of their sexuality. It’s the next generation, and they are devoid of some of the narrow-minded hang ups that my g-g-generation had.
What does this have to do with Kevin Keller #1? Well, Kevin Keller is Archie Comic’s first gay character. He’s an army brat, with a nosey baby sis, a foreshadow-y interest in school politics, and a crippling fear of going on his first date. Oblivious to the sexuality subtext, the overly-supportive Riverdale crew pushes Kevin to just be confident. And (*** SPOILER ALERT***) it works (***END SPOILER ALERT***).
It’s a simple approach and solution to “the gay debate,” but it is also a simple solution to the comic industry’s faltering readership woes. While DC and Marvel currently pine for the attention of adult fans that they have already lost, Archie Comics has wisely decided to let the Archiverse reflect our society. More specifically, they are appealing to future generations of readers by acknowledging the reality found inside school hallways. According to the view from my window, that’s a worthy investment.

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