Looking for Action Figure Columnist
By The Editor
January 25, 2009 - 16:13

We're looking for people who can write professionally about action figures to write weekly articles on Transformers, DCDirect, G.I.Joe, Marvel characters, and other popular action figure lines.

We're looking for people that have something smart to say about the world of action figures, as opposed as "it sucks or it rocks." You should be able to back up any point you make about an action figure, be it negative or positive. Your articles should be easy to understand even for non action figure collectors.

You understand the business of action figure collecting and manufacturing and can and are well informed about what's happening in the business right now, when stuff is coming out, and where to find it.

Submit a sample review to us and if we like it, you'll be part of our exclusive team of writers, and editors at The Comic Book Bin. Our reviews are respected by all and are written with clear guidelines. We'll help you get up to speed and become a better writer at the same time.

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