G.I. Joe
G.I. Joe Sigma 6: Ninja B.A.T.
By Big Bear
November 24, 2006 - 10:16

Now this is what Ultron from the Marvel Legends should have looked like. Great design. Beautiful sculpt. The face is simple but menacing. Imagine a cold robotic face of grey staring you down with just two piercing eyes, something like horns on the sides of its face, and standing about, oh I would say, 7 feet tall and you get the picture: you need to RUN!!!

Great features such as the telescoping/ extending arm for grabbing a foe. For this extension feature, it comes with a string to prop it back into palce. I just wish the stem that held the arm was a tighter joint. It keeps the arm in place but not for long. If not for the string that gives it the "telescoping" action feature, the forearm would never stay on the figure at all. Otherwise than that, it is a beautiful toy, with great height for a robot that hunts down America's elite fighting force, and is well-articulated.

Many accessories: open chest compartment to see the gears, swords, guns, the button that acts like winch and retracts the line that extends the arms so as to bring any grappled foe closer to the android pop out arm blades