Digital Comics
Bamn: Rob's Adventure! Free Online Comic
By Troy-Jeffrey Allen
May 6, 2012 - 11:36


As publisher Herve St. Louis pointed out yesterday, Free Comic Book Day isn't just at your local comic shop, but also online. As a matter of fact, Bamn --- my very own print series --- got in on the FCBD celebration with a new, totally free digital mini-comic. It went up online today and will remain free for the entire internet to see from here on out.

is a coming of age comedy about a group of high school misfits who find themselves endlessly tormented by high school bullies. The kids end up enlisting a downtrodden, washed-up professional wrestler (Bamn) to teach them how to defend themselves. In the end, the teens might teach Bamn a thing or two, as well.

The first three issues of Bamn are available to purchase at But, the free mini-comic serves as a bridge for the upcoming Bamn #4.

Check it out. It's up now for your perusal at There you will find a simple slideshow version of the comic or (for those of you with smaller screens) a downloadable version for easier navigation.



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