Chris J. Young
By Chris J. Young
June 29, 2009 - 13:22

Chris J. Young is a life-long gamer. He started his career at the age of four playing card games, puzzles, and board games before 1UPing to a Sega Mega Drive at the age of six and a PlayStation at the age of ten. Originally from Shrewsbury in the United Kingdom, Chris has lived in Canada for the past decade where he has studied at Queen's University and the University of Toronto. Chris is currently pursuing a PhD at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, researching the information behaviours and practices of gaming cultures.

Chris's most significant game achievement was completing Jurassic Park on the legendary Sega Mega Drive at the age of seven after firing several hundred tranquilizer darts at a T-Rex. Since then he has struggled to live up to his early potential, acquiring moderate trophies and achievements on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, respectively. Chris hopes to restore his early glory by providing critical information on emergent games and gaming issues to the ComicBookBin and unlock more intense achievements as he reviews upcoming releases.