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VIZ Media Streams "Mr. Osomatsu" Season 2
By The Editor
Oct 12, 2017 - 21:18

Mr. Osomatsu key art horizontal view


Don’t Miss Brand New Season 2 Episodes Of The Zany Anime Comedy About The Mischievous Matsuno Sextuplets

VIZ Media has announced details for Season 2 of MR. OSOMATSU. Episode 1 of the hilarious anime comedy series is available to stream for free on, and subsequent episodes will premiere every Tuesday this Fall. MR. OSOMATSU is a reimagined and modern series based on the bestselling manga series originally created in the 1960s by Fujio Akatsuka.

In MR. OSOMATSU, forget double the fun because here’s a series that amps up the insanity six silly ways! The Matsuno sextuplets are quite a bunch. One’s always hanging out at the local Pachinko joint, one un-ironically wears sequined pants, one is a total otaku with a fancy for idols while another brother would rather just loaf around with some cats and his own ennui. The fifth brother loves baseball but was probably dropped on his head a couple times and then there’s the youngest, who really leans into that sweet baby brother angle, if you know what we mean. None of them have jobs, but they do have one heck of a tab run up at the local Oden stand! With so many brothers with too much time on their hands, there’s sure to be some crazy (and raunchy) adventures!

VIZ Media has acquired the digital streaming rights as well as home video and merchandise rights for MR. OSOMATSU seasons 1 and 2 for North America and Latin America. Season 1 of the series originally broadcast in Japan in 2015-2016.

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