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By Hervé St.Louis
December 26, 2005 - 00:44

NBM Publishing
Writer(s): Mark Kneece
Penciller(s): Julie Collins-Rousseau
Cover Artist(s): Julie Collins-Rousseau

Writer: Mark Kneece
Artist: Julie Collins-Rousseau

Trailers is the story of teenager Josh Clayton who has witnessed the murder of one of his mother’s killing her boyfriend, a pimp and a drug pusher. Josh’ mother, a hard case does not care for her four kids forces Josh to bury the body and clean up the mess. Josh does so but falls way over his head as he fears the body, hidden in a local wood will be found. This story is set in the old American South and filled with trailer thrash.

It’s a very good story showing what may happen too often and how child abuse and lack of care can hurt kids trying very hard to do the right thing. Still, there wasn’t enough differentiation in this story of the good and the bad parts of town. At first one assumed that the entire town was a hard case, but it seems not. Perhaps that’s why the Touched by Angel characterization of Josh’s girl friend seemed weird. Where are the social services in this not so poor town?

Collins-Rousseau’s artwork is very good. She uses ink washes throughout the novel that fit the bloody setting. I like that in her work, kids look like kids and drunks look drunk. If one has never travelled to the area, one will still get a good grasp of what it’s like to live in a trailer park. Il like the sequence where she showed Josh and his girl friend taking care of his baby brother while talking. It felt natural and mature.

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