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Crisis Figures Return to Multiverse
By The Editor
December 3, 2005 - 17:50

DC Direct is inviting retailers and consumers to return CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES due to quality control problems with the collection.

Retailers can return the figures from November 23 through December 21 via Diamond Comic Distributors for a full refund plus a $5.00 credit to cover shipping.

" We always have our retailers and consumers first in mind and, as soon as these figures arrived, we realized that they did not meet DC Direct ' s standards, " says Senior VP - Brand Management Cheryl Rubin. " Along with the credits we ' re offering retailers, we are also in the midst of a brand-new production run (to be released in mid-2006) that will live up to the high quality level DC Direct is known for. "

NOTE TO RETAILERS: See the November 23 and December 7 Diamond Datelines or the December issue of Diamond Dialogue for full details on how to return the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURES.

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