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Video -The Walking Dead Opening Credits, as Imagined by a Fan
By The Editor
September 29, 2010 - 01:58


The Walking Dead premieres Halloween night, but some fans can't wait a second longer to see what Executive Producers Frank Darabont, Gale Anne Hurd and Robert Kirkman have in store. Case in point: this fan-created opening credits sequence for the series. Animator Daniel M. Kanemoto, inspired by the show's Comic-Con footage, assembled the animation using comic artwork from artists Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. Kanemoto pieced his fan tribute together with music editing by Jeff Yorkes and the song "Fresh Blood," written and performed by eels.

For the real opening credits sequence, you'll have to wait for The Walking Dead premiere on Halloween night, Sun. Oct. 31 at 10PM | 9C.

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