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June Issue of World's 1st Digital Manga Magazine "Comicloud" On Sale Soon!
By The Editor
June 29, 2011 - 06:49

BookLOUD Inc

BookLOUD Inc. simultaneously releases the June issue of Monthly COMICLOUD (Vol. 2, No. 6)—the world's first digital manga magazine that entered publication in July 2010—worldwide on June 29, 2011 for the Amazon Kindle, Kindle DX and Android. New Episodes of Hit Manga Series!

Read more from Takeshi Okamoto's QUADRIFOGLIO 2, the world's only dedicated Alfa Romeo manga, along with DEMENTIA 21, a uniquely surreal and nonsensical work released by the genius Shintaro Kago! There's also X-HUNTER RAY, the near-future sci-fi story by Ryu-Zin; NOBUNA-GIRL, Taro Matsumoto's foray into the Warring States period; as well as IT'S BANG IPPONGI'S DIARY OF A MANGA ARTIST, in which Bang weaves her tale about the daily life of a manga artist. And this issue has the episode 3 of KITSUMAN, unique genre of "café manga" written by Haruki Fujimoto.

Release of COMICLOUD's 2nd Book: DEMENTIA 21

In June 11, BookLOUD Inc. released Volume 1 of DEMENTIA 21 as its second publication of an e-book series. This book has Shintaro Kago's individual works, Detective SumoKING and KAGO MANIA that have appeared in COMICLOUD, too. And, an interview with Shintaro Kago runs in the book. You can enjoy Kago's peculiar world. About COMICLOUD Android Edition

COMICLOUD Android edition is generated with Androbook ( developed by Fukuyuki Murakami, CEO of CRAZYWORKS, Inc.( Product Details

Title: COMICLOUD Vol. 2, No. 6 Genre: Digital Manga Magazine

Specs: Bilingual English & Japanese edition (Kindle)

Monolingual English & Japanese editions (Android)

Pages: 187 pages (Kindle), 94 pages (Android)

Price: US$6.99 (Kindle, incl. cost transmission), JPY400 (Android)

Official Website

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