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A Liitle Majak, Next Man Trade Paperback, Mickey Artwork : Comici Update
By The Editor
March 14, 2011 - 02:48


The Comico/Comici series Next Man is being collected for a trade paperback, with a new original cover and some new inside artwork. Artist and co-creator of the series, Vince Argondezzi revealed today. In addition, the beginning of the end of the series will now be set up, with unseen art from the up till now unpublished issue # 6. The book was a fan favorite due to it's avant garde art and ground breaking scripts dealing with cancer and euthinasia from Marvel veteran Roger Mc Kenzie. "Roger still has final say on everything, but you can be sure that the wrap up for this first story arc will well be worth the wait." Scenes from the conclusion, including the famous "fetus" double page spread, can be glipsed at

In addition, two other projects that are in the works for Comici have more details, with some new art guest hosting on the aforementioned web site, until the official Comici web site is released. Mickey the Z, with art by Argondezzi, will have a display. And also, you can
welcome the New Year with the team of MAJAK: Multiethnic American Judicial Attack Korps' A great new team of International heroes devoted to Freedom !!

Comici is proud to get involved  with a great group of New American Heroes coming to the action entertainment scene, with the introduction of M.A.J.A.K., the team of multiethnic American fighters for freedom. Originaly test marketed with products in the nineties such as posters and merchandize like Betras Plastics water bottles, MAJAK was researched and developed, and will now be officially released in 2011 with brand new products and stories.

The main story and characters are about a group of heroes from the diverse American cultural scene. With new characters and storylines, these freedom fighters strike a blow against evil doers and villians that threaten America and her allies; they try to foster the cause of peace and goodness in our often troubled world.

The leader of M.A.J.A.K. is Aaron Majac, an American of African and European descent. Aaron's father was a General in the United States Army. His mother, the modern, exotic, beautiful princess of the ancient African Kingdom of Avinaka.. Aaron Majac, a magician and escape artist, founded one of the greatest communication networks in history, and uses his profits to support the Team MAJAK.

Joined by some of the most fantastic heroes and associates, Aaron blazes a trail of hope and perseverance as he leads Team MAJAK on adventures beyond belief!!

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