Comics News
By The Editor
June 7, 2006 - 11:50

You're witty! Clever! And you think it'd be "kinda cool" to write comics? Great. Then the Last Kiss comic writing contest is perfect for you! Last Kiss Entertainment and Comics Buyer's Guide (CBG) are jointly sponsoring a writing competition...with a twist. You've got to write new, funny dialog for some pre-existing comic art. "Of course, coming up with new dialog for old comic art is what Last Kiss is all about," said Last Kiss creator John Lustig. "I've been doing it for 10 years--using art from an old Charlton comic book series (First Kiss) which I bought the publishing rights to. "Normally, though, I'm the only one creating the material." Years ago, Lustig held occasional small contests for readers who wanted to write their own witty dialog. The winning entries were published in Lustig's Last Kiss comic books and were a very popular part of that series. "People were always asking me to bring back the contests," said Lustig. "And there's been renewed interest in the "Last Kiss" concept since Marvel hired me and other writers to re-dialog old comics for it's Marvel Romance Redux series. So this seemed like a perfect time to start a new contest. "The current contest, however, will have a much higher profile than the old ones Lustig organized. The winning entry will be professionally lettered and appear in both the print and web versions of CBG. It'll also be featured (with appropriate credit to the winning writer) as an episode of the weekly Last Kiss comic strip that Lustig posts on his site and which is carried by a variety of other sites (Inclusion in a future Last Kiss book is also planned.)Quite a few of the best runner-up entries will also be posted on the CBG and Last Kiss sites. "While the contest could certainly provide a bit of exposure for budding comics writers, I expect the majority of entries will come from fans and readers who just want to have fun," said Lustig. "I've really been amazed at how clever and funny many of the past contest entries have been. Of course, there have also been some really bad ones. Gut-wrenchingly bad. But that's part of the fun too."