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Family Guy Comics
By The Editor
February 4, 2006 - 23:21

Devil’s Due will publish a Family Guy comic book series.

Join Peter (dad), Lois (mom), Chris (son), Meg (daughter), Stewie (malevolent toddler bent on world domination), and Brian (talking dog who prefers his martinis extra dry) for all-new comic book adventures!

The new comics, slated to begin in April, by FAMILY GUY writer Matt Fleckenstein, and illustrator Benjamin Phillips, will meld the cult comedy of the show with DDP’s unique graphic storytelling! The Family Guy will be written as if by the characters with the feel of a humor novelty book. The beginning and end of the book will feature advice from the characters and interspersed will be more traditional comic book stories all written by Matt Fleckenstein (Family Guy TV show writer).

“I’ve been a huge FAMILY GUY fan since the show first premiered, after the Super Bowl in 1999,” grins Devil’s Due Publishing’s President Josh Blaylock.

“The FAMILY GUY franchise is growing exponentially—and adding Devil’s Due Publishing to our family of creative licensee’s provides a wonderful opportunity to reach fans of the television series via a whole new medium” notes Michael Peikoff, 20th Century Fox Vice President, Domestic Licensing. “The comic books are highly anticipated and with the pedigree of writer Matt Fleckenstein –these comics will be a seamless extension of the FAMILY GUY brand”.