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East African War Series
By The Editor
July 28, 2007 - 23:50

Vertigo, the critically acclaimed publisher of Sandman, Preacher and Y The Last Man, will present an unflinching look at the cost and casualties of war in East Africa with UNKNOWN SOLDIER, a new ongoing comic book series written by Joshua Dysart (SWAMP THING, VIOLENT MESSIAHS), with interior artwork and painted covers by Alberto Ponticelli (EGON, SAM AND TWITCH). The project was announced today by Karen Berger, the Senior Vice President and Executive Editor of Vertigo, during the San Diego Comic Convention. UNKNOWN SOLDIER will redefine a classic DC title and tackle the problem of corruption in Northern Uganda, where violence and poverty are on the rise, and an AIDS pandemic is on the march.

This series introduces us to Moses Lwanga, a pacifist doctor who leaves the comforts of America to provide much-needed aid to Uganda, the country of his birth. While working in an Internally Displaced Persons camp near Kitgum, his religious teachings and pacifist beliefs are tested by an encounter with members of the Lord’s Resistance Army, who have kidnapped and nearly killed a little girl. This encounter unexpectedly triggers a previously dormant, ruthless ability to kill. Somehow, Moses knows how to murder with unparalleled skill, and he is scarcely aware of his own actions until the group of LRA soldiers lies dead at his feet. An unknown soldier lives within him, fearless and deadly.

Piercing, powerful and action-packed, UNKNOWN SOLDIER confronts the brutal reality of that which would remain unknown.

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