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Identity Crisis Artist Rags Morales To Pencil Adventures Of Superman #636
By The Editor
November 3, 2004 - 14:55

Rags Morales, the acclaimed penciller of IDENTITY CRISIS, will follow up his spectacular work on that blockbuster miniseries with a special IDENTITY CRISIS tie-in issue of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. Issue #636 (NOV040252) is written by Greg Rucka and inked by John Dell with a cover by J.H. Williams III. It is scheduled to arrive in stores on January 19.

In this issue, Superman, shaken by the shooting of Lois Lane and the events of IDENTITY CRISIS, tries to consult with Batman and Wonder Woman on the future of the DCU now that the stakes have been raised.

“I think the success of IDENTITY CRISIS can be attributed to how real its events feel, and half of that credit definitely falls to the powerful art that Rags puts down,” says Group Editor Eddie Berganza. “So when his schedule opened at the same time I was looking to give our regular penciller Matthew Clark a break it seemed perfect, especially since this was a direct follow-up to some of the events from IDENTITY CRISIS. I can’t wait to see what he does with Greg Rucka’s story and Superman’s part in I.C.!”

“It’s almost like the comics gods have smiled on me and offered me this incredible chance,” says Morales. “I was thrilled to put in my first voucher for this story on October 21, which happens to be my birthday. I couldn’t be more proud to get a crack at the best known comics icon in the entire world.”