Marvel Comics
The Invincible Iron Man #10
By Hervé St.Louis
July 23, 2006 - 16:52

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Daniel and Charles Knauf
Penciller(s): Patrick Zircher
Inker(s): Scott Hanna

Tony Stark seeks the help of an old friend, a professor at Berkeley University and jailed scientist Maya Hansen. He needs to know about the lump in his brain that grows and may be related to the attack he and his various combat armours controlled by his mind have perpetrated against enemies of his mentor. However, SHIELD and Nick Fury are on his tale and have called in the Avengers to put an end to Iron Man. This issue seems to occur before events in Marvel’s Civil War crossover.

It’s amazing that Tony Stark still has some friends left he has not abused or deceived and this story feels like classic Iron Man stories where the hero is racing against something to earn back his sense of being. These stories, mirrored in the Armour Wars sagas and many others are what make Iron Man such a great character. It’s a good thing that the author remembers this and instead of delivering material that would be suitable to say, Daredevil or Spider-man, he puts Stark on a collision course with international politics.

The artwork is cool and the armour has changed again since I last checked it out. Stark looks completely different as a blond and without his trademark goatee. It makes him look to young and generic, but I can’t complain much as it is part of the current plot.

Rating: 8/10

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