By Hervé St-Louis
Jan 7, 2003 - 11:14

As a kid, my first exposure to Hawkman was the fourth issue of the famed Shadow War mini-series by Tony Isabella, Richard Howell and Alfredo Alcala.

Though it was but the last part of a bigger epic, and that my knowledge of English was severely limited and that it took me years before I could understand all the words, Hawkman earned himself a spot in my heart.

A year later, I got the famed Hawkman Super Power figure and the first issue of the new Hawkman series that picked up after the events of the last mini.

Then in 1990, I started reading the regular Hawkworld series and later the mini-series that had introduced the characters.

Today, I've finally read the first three chapters of the mini. I can't believe how the story is so good and even though Hawkman's history is a mess, reading those simpler, yet invigorating stories helped know why I love him and Hawkgirl so much.

As a treat, this series even had a list of retconned stories in the letter's page.

Is there any wonder why Hawkman is still one of the books I buy today? The best thing about today's Hawkman, is that his fury exists more than ever.

I love all Hawkmen and all Hawkgirls/women. I don't know why. Those guys just click with me.

Self, I apologize for being such a Hawkman groupie.

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