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Gigantic Graphic Novels to Debut "Hellcity" in Time for Halloween
By Leroy Douresseaux
August 1, 2006 - 14:06


This October, just in time for Halloween, Gigantic Graphic Novels will
release Hellcity, the first graphic novel by award winning screenwriter
Macon Blair and hot up and coming artist Joe Flood.

“Macon and I go way back,” explains Rick Spears, Publisher of Gigantic
Graphic Novels, “He knows where the bodies are buried…I’m not kidding.  He help me bury them.”

You may recognize Macon Blair as the anti-hero form Spears’ own series, Teenagers From Mars.  “Yeah, Rick really screwed me up with the whole Teenagers from Mars thing because he took my name and likeness but then made me way cooler and way better looking in his book. Now people meet me and they're all disappointed, like 'You're just some bum, you never fought censorship, you can't even draw.' Thanks a million, Spears.” states Blair.

“I’m always bugging Macon to show me what he’s working in and one day he pulls out Hellcity,” says Spears.  “It was this huge crazy,
hilarious, monster of a script and just the kind of thing I’m looking
for, for Gigantic.”

With a script in hand an artist still had to be found.  Blair explains, “We broke Hellcity into 3, 100+ pages and we need to find an insane artist that could pull off such a massive project.  That’s when Rick introduced me to Flood.”  “I had had my eye on Joe Flood for a while too, explains Spears.  “He’s one of the recent crop of fantastic artists coming out of SVA (School of Visual Arts) here in NYC.”  “To be honest I had my doubts when Rick and Macon first approached me”, states Flood, “But then I read the script was floored and I just knew I had to do this.”

So what is Hellcity?  It’s Lurid pulp fiction straight from the mean
streets of Hell’s capital ‘burg!  Demonic femme fatales and damned
detectives!  Shadowy schemers and tormented dreamers!  Blackmail,
betrayal and hot-blooded’s a powder keg town, baby, and one bad secret’s gonna light the fuse!  Welcome to Hellcity an edgy twist on the pulp fiction genre, mixing classic noir elements with demonic horror into a unique new dark comedy that will appeal to fans of Sin
and Hellblazer.

Hellcity vol.1(of 3) ISBN: 0-9763038-3-3, Diamond order number
AUG063321, a 104-page black and white graphic novel with a full-color
cover, will be available from Gigantic Graphic Novels October 2006 at
the finest comic shops for $13.95.  Visit Gigantic at