European Comics
Égide: Energy Business Vol. 1
By Hervé St-Louis
May 28, 2009 - 20:20

Writer(s): Fred Weytens
Penciller(s): Yan Le Pon, Denis Rodier
Inker(s): Denis Rodier
Colourist(s): Piero
Cover Artist(s): Denis Rodier
$24.99 CAN


Égide (Aegis) is a secret service agency under the control of seven European states and headed by businessman Marc de Saint-Mont. Saint-Mont has recruited a team of experts in their field to help him deal with threats against Europe. He also gets “help” from many people who owe him favours. When a former Russian spy hires a former Russian gymnastic silver medalist to do industrial sabotage in Germany, it’s up to Saint-Mont and his team to stop the duo from obtaining a new energy transmitting satellite. But will Égide be up to the task?


This is a straightforward story that would be easy to read to relate to by any North American comic book reader, were a publisher this side of the Atlantic were to translated it in English. It’s a good series with lots of action and because it’s fairly recent, an easy jumping point for readers learning French! The team is the classic Fantastic Four mix. Computer geek Edward is the young hot head. Saint-Mont is the brains of the operation. Strongman with an obscure Matéo is the freak. Vehicle specialist Hanna with little to do in the story is the girl. Perhaps the so obvious mix of character is why the story doesn’t go to the next level and ultimately will remain a non descript spy thriller trying to become a venerable series. Perhaps if the writers can move beyond the clichés, they will have a winner.


Denis Rodier doesn’t need any introduction for DC Comics readers. He’s worked on so many series for DC Comics, that readers are well aware of his skills. Here, he provides that “American” look that the Europeans like so much but which is not a natural type of rendering for them. It’s very strong graphics with a lot of reference material to capture the European locales accurately.


Rating: 7/10

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