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Ghost Hunt Manga to End in Japan After 12 Volumes
By The Editor
Sep 14, 2010 - 7:03

Del Rey Manga

Kodansha will publish the 12th and final volume from Shiho Inada's shōjo supernatural mystery manga Ghost Hunt in Japan on September 30. The manga adapts Akuryō novel series by Fuyumi Ono (12 Kingdoms, Shiki).

In the story, high school girl Mai Taniyama encounters Shibuya Psychic Research, a paranormal investigation agency led by a tall, dark, handsome — and, naturally, aloof — teenager. Before long, Mai joins the ranks of the agency, whose associates include a Chinese occultist, a world-famous psychic, a self-proclaimed Shinto shrine maiden, a former Buddhist monk, and a Catholic exorcist. The agency's adventures throughout modern Japan blend elements of Asian folklore and European mythology.

The manga launched in Kodansha's monthly Amie magazine in 1998, and then it moved to Kodansha's Nakayoshi magazine. It has since moved out of magazines entirely, and Kodansha has been publishing it exclusively in tankōbon (book volumes). The final three volumes have been bundling limited-edition drama CDs, and the final volume will feature an afterword by Ono.

Del Rey published the 10th manga volume in North America last year. Funimation licensed and released the 25-episode television anime version of the manga on DVD in 2008.

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