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First Look: Thor: The Mighty Avenger #4
By The Editor
August 13, 2010 - 02:21

Marvel Comics

thor.jpg is thrilled to give you an exclusive peek at THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER #4, the next issue in the critically-acclaimed series by writer Roger Langridge and artist Chris Samnee!

Thor: The Mighty Avenger #4 cover by Chris Samnee
Thor and Jane Foster are just looking to have a quiet afternoon, but when some of our hero's Asgardian brethren come knocking at the door, the group sets out on a road trip to Norway! But Thor's the God of Thunder, not directions, and a wrong turn of his goat-drawn carriage strands the Asgardians in jolly old Oxford...where Captain Britain says they are definitely not wanted.

Don't miss mighty Mjolnir vs. the stiffest upper lip in England in the next issue of this mighty series!

Written by Roger Langridge
Penciled by Chris Samnee
Cover by Chris Samnee
Rated A ...$2.99
FOC - 8/19/10, On-Sale - 9/9/10

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