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More CBC Comic Book Related Podcast
By Hervé St-Louis
March 3, 2009 - 23:25

Gibbons shares his views on the Watchmen and CBC's resident geek Jesse Wente shares his views on the top ten comic book movies of all times on Jian Ghomeshi's Q. The Wente piece is far more interesting than the self promotion from the other guests of the show.

Gibbons seems quite content to refer to the Watchmen as a graphic novel, notwithstanding what partner Alan Moore thinks about the term graphic novel as applied to Watchmen.

There's also a few words from the people at the Beguiling, of all people - comic book retailers that usually don't like super hero contents but seems quite contents to get a free plug from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for free advertising of their Toronto store.

I already suspected the CBC folks to be in bed with The Beguiling, but this is cheap. Why didn't the CBC interview people who are not promoting their comic book stores, like say, the folks from the Shuster Awards.

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