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Moonstone Comic Books For March 2009
By The Editor
November 24, 2008 - 18:36

“1942: Best of Enemies”

Story: Chuck Dixon
Art: Todd Fox, Lito Fernandez
Colors: Val Staples
Covers: Joel Naprstek (retro), Steve Bryant (modern)

56pgs, color, PG-13 $6.50

One of the most asked-about character returns is finally here!

Welcome Chuck Dixon back to the character that showed off his mad skills to fans everywhere!

The Ace fighter pilot, and his one of a kind plane, return with an ALL NEW story by action-master Chuck Dixon, in a never-before-told adventure!  Be here for the first white hot meeting between Airboy and that gorgeous femme fatale Valkyrie!  Intrigue, thrills, volatile physical chemistry and cinematic aerial combat!

(covers available individually)

Printed in Canada

The Phantom:Generations
Issue number: Generation: 1

Story: Ben Raab
Art: Pat Quinn
Cover: Doug Klauba, Jason Millet

32pgs, color, $3.99

A new maxi series of one shot comic novellas, with each issue (by a different creative team) telling a tale of one of the 21 Phantoms!

Ben Raab and Pat Quinn (of The Phantom: Legacy) return to tell an untold tale of the first Phantom! A tale of intrigue and adventure torn from the very first Chronicle of the Ghost Who Walks!  When his newborn son is abducted and his family threatened, the Phantom goes on the hunt to uncover the identity of the mysterious kidnapper and bring the blackguard to justice!

Captain Action Comics #4

Story: Fabien Nicieza, Steven Grant
Art: Mark Sparacio, Marlin Shoop
Covers: John Lucas (retro), Dick Giordano (modern)

32pgs, color, $3.99
Back in Action with a little thunder, a little lightning, some weapon turrets, a hypodermic…
The Penultimate chapter in the first Captain Action story arc is here!  It’s Savior vs Savior here as the surprises keep coming right alongside the furious action!  See who rises from the ashes to take on the world!  Plus, more Lady Action!

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