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Dragonstorm #0 preview
By The Editor
September 2, 2010 - 02:28

SJS comic

Dragonstorm is the story of a hero who is forced to protect, raise and train the granddaughter of his greatest enemy. When Dragonstorm attempts to send the young girl Lillian away to someplace safe, he learns that her grandfather, the villainous Balagron has set up tests and challenges throughout her life, that if Lillian is not preparred to handle she will not survive. The fighter in Lillian knows that learning from Dragonstorm is her best chance to survive. The hero in Dragonstorm knows that he is the only one who can keep the girl safe but wonders warily, with everything he teaches her, will Lillian turn out like her grandfather or like him.
Issue Synopsis
After following a trail of clues in searching for the missing Master Okun, Dragonstorm ends up at a warehouse in New York. Knowing full well that he is walking into a trap he finds more than he expected and is given an offer that will change his life forever.
Dragonstorm #0 is a 14-page full color story written by Jay Rosario and illustrated by Nicholas Valente, with cover art by Joel Cotejar. The limited edition premiere will be available at New York Comic Con for $3.00, as well as a part of the Unstoppable Comics Con package. This exclusive package will include Dragonstorm #0, a t-shirt and copies of the publisher's first series Stormchasers on disk.
Since this Unstoppable Comics' first appearance at a convention, we would appreciate as much publicity as we can muster.

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