Latest Comic Fix
By Hervé St-Louis
March 25, 2015 - 12:55

Yesterday, I spent a few hours enabling a feature that was missing from the Web comics platform at ComicBookBin. Since we launched our Web comic platform in November 2014, we never had a link allowing readers to skip to the latest comic online.

It's a common feature in Web comic platform that helps usability. If a reader pops in on page five, he or she may want to skip to the last strip and not bother reading what's in between. As a creator, this is weird behaviour for me. But as a user experience architect, it is my my duty to facilitate how users interact with the site.

I could not implement the feature before. I had tried several times before to enable it. However, one of my conditions was that it would have to be automated. It's easy to add a link to all existing strips. But updating a long running Web comic weekly can be tiresome.

It took a while, but I made it happen. All of the Web comics at ComicBookBin can now link to their last pages easily. The feature is called "Last Comic."

Let us know if you find this new feature useful.


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