Update on ComicBookBin Apps
By Hervé St-Louis
July 10, 2010 - 08:30

ComicBookBin 2.0 for the iPhone was released on Thursday officially. I'm still working on the ComicBookBin 1.0 for both Google Android and Palm webOS phones. Both are due to come out very soon. They work, but there's a little bit of fine-tuning needed. In the case of webOS, we could release it as is, but it would not be as sharp visually.

Working on three different apps at the same time (even though if they are all called ComicBookBin and do roughly the same thing) was tough, especially since I'm still working on my thesis and working full time. I know. I'm busy. But I'm passionate about this stuff - all this stuff.

Each platform is different and it's a challenge to make the app work best for type of phone. Most small sized app developers concentrate on only one platform. Usually, only large companies can even think about releasing apps for multiple platforms. It's not easy. But I am fully aware that many of the readers at The Bin are not iPhone users and have smartphones that are as capable as the iPhone of delivering super powerful apps like ComicBookBin. I'm proud of the fact that we're pushing for the three most advanced mobile platforms right now.

Hey, I know about Meego and Windows 7. But neither is available for me right now, so there's little I can do to support them.

Many developers who make apps for the iPhone often consider porting them to Android. But few think about webOS which is a very capable platform and one of the most advanced (if not the most advanced) smartphone operating system. It really is, and once you guys check the webOS version of ComicBookBin, you'll see why it's got nothing to envy from iOS (Iphone OS) or Android.

I'm also learning tons of things about mobile OSes by developing apps for three very different platforms. It's crazy and not something anyone can grasp. There's a lot of work behind this stuff. A lot.

My original plan was to have the three apps released at the same time. I've run into delays. Something to clarify, Just because the Android and webOS versions of ComicBookBin are listed as 1.0 doesn't mean they have less features than the 2.0 version for iOS. They will have roughly the same feature sets. It's just that we've already released two versions of ComicBookBin for the iPhone already.

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