Marvel Comics
Ultimate Spider-Man #110
By Zak Edwards
June 24, 2007 - 01:18

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller(s): Mark Bagley

Ultimate Spider-man #110

And thus ends an era.  With Mark Bagley leaving Ultimate Spider-man after a (disputed) record breaking run, the future is uncertain.  The series has had many highs, like the first arc or 'Hollywood', and lows, like 'Deadpool'.  But the question here is: did Mr. Bagley leave on a high or low note?  The answer is high.  Many issues in this long run have been incredible, number 13, 47 and 65 come to mind immediately, and I know I’m missing many, yet those issues were very Peter Parker based, not Spider-man.  I think Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley pumped out an issue this month worthy of being put as one of the best in the series and it focuses solely on Spider-Man.

With #110 concluding the “Ultimate Knights” arc, the issue was full of action and repercussions of the last four issues.  Bendis managed to balance high action scenes with character drama very well.  The dysfunctional team he has put together doesn’t work together beautifully, while the characterization of the players is well developed, especially the Kingpin and Daredevil.  Kingpin is a bad person, and Bendis shows his readers just how evil Mr. Fisk is.  Ultimate Daredevil a total bad ass who doesn’t stick to the usual “super-heroes don’t kill” rule, and goes too far very often.  Even without Mary-Jane, Aunt May, and Midtown High, this issue stands out.  While one plot twist is completely unbelievable, the rest of the issue is excellent, and what an ending!

As for Mark Bagley’s last full issue, he continues to be outstanding.  He can draw everything: emotion, action, everything.  I’d like to take this moment to note that he also does it all on time, something other Ultimate(s) titles can’t seem to accomplish this.  I think every fan of this series will miss Mark Bagley.  Hopefully his replacement, Stuart Immonen, can utilize the two-page paneling like Bagley did, as well as many other things he has brought to the table since issue #1.  While the writing has sometimes suffered in this series, the art rarely has.

9.5/10    This issue is awesome!

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