Top Shelf Month Round Up
By Hervé St-Louis
Mar 8, 2008 - 9:37

Top Shelf Month was our first theme month of 2008. We reviewed many books and had a few side articles related to the publisher. Here's a round up of all these articles we published. There is also a list of previous Top Shelf books The Comic Book Bin has reviewed prior Top Shelf Month. If you're looking to further your knowledge on Top Shelf, you can't go wrong with this list.


Top Shelf on Parade
That Salty Air by Tim Sievert
Korgi Book 1 - Top Shelf
Three Fingers
Doublecross More or Less
Top Shelf Asks the Big Questions
Broken Fender #1 - Top Shelf
Dear Julia
Pistolwhip: The Yellow Menace
The Legend of Wild Man Fischer - Top Shelf
Top Shelf: Under the Big Top
Vampires Unlimited: Wolves #1
Bug House
The Octopi and the Ocean
Banks / Eubanks: New Hat Stories
Fox Bunny Funny
Broken Fender #2
Big Clay Pot
Boy in my Pocket
Mephisto and the Empty Box
Happy Elephant, Bunny and Chicken
Conversation # 1
Cicada from Top Shelf
Box Office Poison
Pinky & Stinky
Hey Mister: After School Special
Creature Tech
Dang! brand comics and stories
Hutch Owens: Unmarketable from Top Shelf
Essex County Vol. 2: Ghost Stories


Top Shelf Reviews Round up
2007 @ The Comic Book Bin


Interview With Chris Staros of Top Shelf Comix

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