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Spring Heeled Jack - Horror Comic
By The Editor
June 16, 2014 - 12:55

There is panic and fear on the streets of London as more and more victims are claimed by Spring Heeled Jack, a figure supposedly able to breathe fire and leap buildings in a single bound. The police are left stumped and so call on a young Arthur Conan Doyle and his mentor Joseph Bell to take charge of the case and to bring the culprit to justice once and for all.

However, they'll find that Spring Heeled Jack is unlike any man they've encountered before and that they'll have to push themselves to the extremes to be able to stop a threat that may just be unstoppable...

Spring Heeled Jack is a four issue miniseries unlike anything you've ever read before and will finally reveal the truth behind one of London's most infamous legends.
An Exciting New Team of Creators

Spring Heeled Jack is the creation of Tony Deans and Martha Laverick, both up and coming talents on the comic book scene. Helping them out as the letterer is Joshua Cozine who has a wide range of experience in the industry working with the likes of Dynamite and Stranger Comics.

Spring Heeled Jack is the debut comic from the Deans/Laverick creative partnership and they are currently working on several other projects that shall be released soon.

The Miniseries

Spring Heeled Jack is being released this August digitally and will be available at both Comixology and Drive Thru Comics. It features writing from Tony Deans, artwork by Martha Laverick and is lettered by Joshua Cozine.

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