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Sin Titulo
By Andy Doan
September 12, 2009 - 10:43

Writer(s): Cameron Stewart


I’m very excited to bring you this quick review of Cameron Stewart’s daring web serial titled Sin Titulo. This is another series coming from the Transmission X stable. Apart from the branding on the site the partnership is apparent from the quality benchmarks met by every aspect of the experience.

Sin Titulo follows the adventures of a young magazine fact checker as he tries to uncover the mystery surrounding the last few months of his grandfathers life. Whether it’s survivor guilt or the mysterious woman in the photograph that draws the young man in we’ll never know. Within the first few pages we realize that the questions being raised are too much for anyone to ignore.

The story kept reminding me of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. Knowing nothing of the protagonist to start out with I was giving the impression of youth and innocence. As events unfold I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Frank Booth (Denis Hopper) character bringing our young hero up to speed with the dark reality of the situation.

The best way to describe this comic is as a noir mystery series. Light on the character initially but heavy on suspense and a driving plot. Seemingly unrelated events get brought into relevance efficiently without a single character or scene being left behind or forgotten. Events and questions happen so quickly that it’s not hard to get in way over your head before you know it.

The artwork is reminiscent  of the Cooke’s run on the Spirt. The artist flexes between clean scant detail and a rough inconsistent stroke. Coloring matches the simple design offering beige contrasts and shadows to the black and white panel layout.


The layout of each page is as much a part of the story as anything else. The artist has chosen an two line, four panel standard that is never broken. This provides the perfect simple frame for this type of story, like watching it all unfold from the same tiny window. Another feature of this design choice is in ease of reading from the browser. As a reader you only have to scroll down once per page. This helped keep me within the experience and mood of the story.

With the pace and level of suspense created by they author I can’t imagine having to wait a week between pages! As good of a job as they’re doing creating a cohesive web experience for this series I would find it a little easier to take as a printed book. Seven days to an anxious ADD type like myself might mean that it gets lost to other pursuits soon after the adrenaline wears off.

I’m giving this comic the highest possible recommendation for a web series. Please do your self a favor and check it out from the first page on. Just be prepared to sucked in!

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