Marvel Comics
Siege #4
By Hervé St-Louis
May 26, 2010 - 21:50

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller(s): Olivier Coipel
Inker(s): Mark Morales
Colourist(s): Laura Martin
Letterer(s): Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Artist(s): Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales, Laura Martin, Gabrielle Dell'Otto, Joe Quesada, Danny Miki, Richard Isanove
$3.99 US

It’s Thor versus the Sentry as Loki and many other have fallen trying to defeat the villain. But will Thor make it out alive and put an end to the destruction wrought by the Sentry? Will Asgard be safe again?

It’s a big fight. That’s what this issue is about as well as the conclusion of this year’s Marvel Comics crossover. Was it good. Well, the artwork in this series and this issue was stupendous. Coipel is one of my personal favourite artist, although all his characters look like large Neanderthals. It’s still a joy to look at them. He knows how to draw a super hero fight and how to draw characters in good poses. He’s a master storyteller. He gives characters expressions that capture the whole meaning that writer Bendis wants to convey.

As for the story, well, it doesn’t explain much about the Sentry, but it is dramatic enough. There’s nothing particular to it or memorable. When you buy this just look at the pictures and ignore the script.

Rating: 8/10

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