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Announcing the Grand Opening of the Identity Circus
By Beth Davies-Stofka
September 19, 2008 - 18:14

Botgirl Questi's Identity Circus Art Exhibition 

Grand Opening!

Sunday, 9/21 

11am to 2pm Pacific Time/Second Life Time


Botgirl Questi is a web comics artist experimenting with the rich possibilities of image-making provided by virtual worlds such as Second Life.   Her new web comic will be installed in Second Life in the New Caerleon region.


Ms. Questi is one of the creators presenting in the Creators' Commons during our Met@Morph Con's afternoon session.


This Second Life event is the debut of her new web comic!

The invitation is here

Type "New Caerleon" (without the quotes) in the Second Life search box, upper right of your screen, and click the magnifying glass. A window will pop up with a list. The first item in the list is "New Caerleon."  Click on the orange arrow next to it.

You'll be teleported to New Caerleon, where you can attend the opening, meet Ms. Questi, and experience the web comic.


Have fun!


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