DC Comics
Review: Superman #35
By Andy Frisk
Dec 12, 2017 - 21:07

DC Comics
Writer(s): Peter J Tomasi Patrick Gleason
Artist(s): Travis Moore Stephen Segovia Art Thibert
Colourist(s): Dinei Ribeiro
Letterer(s): Rob Leigh


So the "Imperious Lex" story line gets more fun, if not better this issue. Jon saves some dogs from the Hunger Dogs and leads them to the rescue in what passes for a touching scene. Kalibak and Granny Goodness go to war. It's a gender thing. Kalibak is horrifically misogynist...but what'd you expect from Darkseid's son? The whole thing leads up to the biggest royal rumble Apokolips has seen in ages. Apokolips is hell, but who said hell has to be warm?

Okay, Gleason and Tomasi redeem themselves a little with this issue, but the whole "Imperious Lex" story line still has all the earmarks of being filler. They add some minor depth to the story by actually kindling a little sympathy for The Furies...they have what it takes to rule Apokolips, but appear to have little say in the ruling of this hellish world due to the fact that they are women. Honestly, the best part of this issue is Jon's rescuing of the near barbecued pups, whom of course befriend him and join the battle at his side.

Even though there's yet another team of artists on this issue the page to page and panel to panel work looks more consistent that it did with last issues' team.

Still basically filler story, with some touches of fun and ideals, "Imperious Rex" hopefully concludes next issue.

Rating: 7/10

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